The Ruling Species


John is another guy whose planet specialized in arthropod evolution.  He looks like a wide snake with armor plating.  Hasn’t got a face like we do so I had to learn to read his body language.  A lot of that shows up in his antenna movements. Pay attention to those like you’d watch a dog’s ears. 

Still, I’m never quite sure when he’s pulling my leg. I have two of those, he has something over about two hundred, which he alleges makes him a superior organism.  Pretty sure he’s kidding about that.

Fiona was out at her knitting circle.  John and I were having one of those random conversations. He was arguing that evolution on Earth went off the rails somewhere. It “should have” led to intelligent organisms looking something like him. The antenna expression (he has six) told me he was not quite serious.  But the internet was within reach so we looked it up.  Needless to say Earth internet only knows about Earth evolution.  But there is lot of information about that.

Turns out it could have happened!  There was an era, Carboniferous, when we had huge arthropods. Including giant millipedes. Like John. 

They died out.

Climate change.

If I read his antennas right he was trying to not say “I told you so.”

I like him as a person but, sometimes he’s really annoying. Especially when he could be right.


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