About the Diamonds

We’re not transferring any non-Earth technology here. Humans already know about making very data dense records in glass substrates.  Diamonds are better.  If the dinosaurs took notes that way we’d still have their literature.  A pure silica glass is an inexpensive substitute for carbon crystal, but if glass is buried for too many millennia the outer layers take up water and opalize.  As witness, the rainbow sheen that appears on pieces of ancient Roman glass.


A Love My Lass, You Wrong Me Do

J S M here:

I am pleased to say that my little narrative (appearing as the Addendum to the largely factual “The Nightmare Brethren”) been adapted as a play on multiple planets. As a musical, of course.  It is usually performed where mixed audiences are still adapting to their differences.  The species of the characters are changed, in order to give the presentations more topical impact. Music has been written for three of these versions.  To date however none of this music translates well. Humans, the few witnesses tested, only hear different kinds of noise.  Yes, there are some passages that should be heard that way. But not all of them.  Efforts will continue. You will see the publicity when endurable versions open in Earth theaters.

                               John Stuart Millipede

Addendum to the Addendum

In response to “The Nightmare Brethren,” some readers have questioned whether John Stuart’s speculative fiction story violates the rules of tech transfer or cultural transfer among intelligent species on different planets.  The answer is no, because while the spacecraft and weaponry described are achievable, they are simply impractical.  John Stuart even went so far as to clear his narrative with the relevant agency on his own world. On our side,we did not clear it with any such agency because, as we know, aliens don’t exist.

Name Changes

There have been problems with translating the names of various of the aliens into English.  First, some wanted to protect their privacy, second, there are  literal translations that would be downright distracting for the reader, as an example; “Threesmells.”    Only Two of the names were left alone; Deinococcus radiodurans (because microbes don’t care); and Kewie Dee (because he insisted — and because he measures over half a kilometer, snout to tail).