The Invasion, such as it is….

According to what purports to be a memoir– “The Nightmare Brethren” –most aliens are not invading the Earth.  This is illegal and as well as dangerous.  However there are other types of alien/human transactions that can be hugely profitable.  The Bureau of Alien Interactions is in charge of preventing the more destructive exchanges.  These can involve advanced devices, precious metals, gems, or drugs.  All of which are readily available from one or more of the alien worlds. To protect the Earth we have a ragtag crowd of aliens who officially do not exist.  This defensive force is made possible by the Ur technology; non-physical mechanisms that are  old beyond time, though slightly erratic. This last term also describes our crack team of human troubleshooters. Nobody understands the recruitment process.

The entire narrative is currently in the form of an ebook. Available on Earth among other planets. Caution: Live organisms are not acceptable as payment.

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Hatakia Again

We have long talks because he has to live at the studio during filming. Even in a city like Vancouver the sight of a beetleloid would cause distracted driving.  So he stays in. He has the rare capacity to physically move through the transit system. That’s because he’s just one organism, with no internal biota. … Continue reading Hatakia Again

About Hatakia

Hatakias have 9 legs/limbs. They are born with ten but one is removed at birth. No clear reason. Kind of like circumcision for human males.  The underpart of Hatakia’s body has side to side scales like the scutes on a snake’s belly. His back is similar but the divisions are oriented from front to back, … Continue reading About Hatakia

Making the Film

Working with a mixed group of actors is difficult.   It’s the human ones who are most likely to cause problems.  But not always.  In creating “Against the Sea of Stars” the arc of the plot had to be modified in mid trajectory.  Multiple times.  During filming. The writer/producer showed an inhuman amount of patience. Which … Continue reading Making the Film

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